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Cafes, casual dining and unfussy Michelin experiences

Northern Ireland has a wonderful heritage of producing it's own food and the farmers and growers are passionate to supply our equally passionate chefs with the finest ingredients.


At Peartree Hill we know great places to dine or simply relax over a coffee and treat so please ask for recommendations and we'll be happy to book for you too.


Homemade and locally sourced luxury picnic

You may not want to rush around looking for somewhere to eat on your day of exploration so we have put together options for picnics both homemade and locally sourced treats. 

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Why go out when you can stay in?

As an alternative to either dining out all the time on your holiday or especially during the pandemic to have control over your own dining experience we have created a BBQ experience for our guests to enjoy. 

We will provide the BBQ and patio area in the rear garden just for you. 

Bring your own ingredients or we can offer a BBQ menu for you to cook.

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