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Enjoy the view across the rolling countryside whenyou waken each morning

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Breakfast Dining
The choice is yours

A lovely breakfast is a great way to start your day and there different options to explore during your stay at Peartree Hill. 


​There are many eateries locally within 3 to 10 minutes  serving hot breakfasts or continental options using locally produced ingredients.

Or with prior booking we are able to offer a picnic breakfast which will be delivered to your room on the previous evening.

Enjoy a delicious homemade and seasonal menu of yoghurt, granola, compotes, fruits, juice, Irish breads or croissants and homemade preserves

Or bring your own. Tea and coffee making facilites are in the room and crockery / cutlery is provided. There is a small fridge also to keep everything fresh. 

Private in room dining allows you to relax over breakfast even in your dressing gowns! 


Who makes your delicious breakfast at Peartree Hill?

We thought you might like to hear the stories and passion in producing the finest food for your breakfast plate but more importantly, we hope that you will enjoy every delicious bite.

As we are determined to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible we source as locally as we can or grow our own delights for your breakfast.



Lady Dufferin

Lady Dufferin and the Clandeboye Estate

produce a range of hand crafted yoghurts made with the milk from a pedigree herd of Holstein and Jersey cows.

Winners of a Great Taste Award and Gold in the Blas nah Eireann Irish Quality Awards.

Clandeboye Yoghurt can be found also in Fortnum and Masons in London.

Lady Dufferin.jpg

White's Oats

The White's mill founded by Thomas Henry White in 1841 in Tandragee, Co. Armagh grew from humble beginnings as a corn and flour mill along the banks of the River Cusher. Fast forward 177 years on and White’s is now Ireland’s largest oat miller.


Their special farming partnerships and its commitment to the supply chain from farm to mill ensures the best varieties are grown to produce the tastiest, distinctively nutty and creamy oats for your bowl of porridge.


​The oats may have come from as close as 5 miles from Peartree Hill, having been grown in fields right next to Strangford Lough.

mcclellandfarm_white's porridge pic.jpg


Kennedy Bacon is a family run business located in Omagh, County Tyrone providing high quality dry cured bacon. The Kennedy family have been farming in the scenic hills of Glenhordial since the 1940’s with years of experience rearing and fattening of pigs.


Mervyn is the present custodian and is passionate about his pigs and the taste of the rashers for your plate or the ham in you Eggs Benedict and he's also the cheeriest supplier at the local Comber Farmer's Market each month.


Kennedy Bacon has won many awards since 2017 which can be easily understood when you taste your breakfast. No water is added and the bacon tastes as it should, savoury, yummy and moreish. It really is bacon at its best!

Mervyn Kennedy Bacon.jpg


Martin & Eileen Johnston have been supplying the finest seafood to people for more than 25 years! This includes their award-winning smoked salmon, which is used in restaurants by some of the finest chefs in Ireland and the UK.


Over the years they have developed an extensive network of local fishermen and suppliers close their premises in Ballyhornan, right next to the Irish Sea. 


Ballyhornan Smoked Salmon is traditionally smoked over oak and beech chippings and so tasty it’s hard to go past for a fresh lighter breakfast. That's if there's any left if our granddaughter Alexandra has been to visit!


The Johnstons also provide the smoked haddock used at Peartree Hill along with our lovely poached eggs.

marty2 eastcoast seafood.jpg

SD Bell's


SD Bell's have been roasting coffee from all over the world for four generations. Their experience has grown over the years, continually discovering new coffees and new subtleties of flavour. SD Bell’s have an obsession with quality and adherence to the coffee roaster's art which lives on today.


The tradition of tasting and blending tea is appreciated far and wide and S.D. Bell's use only orthodox loose-leaf teas. These larger-leaf teas are generally more rare and more expensive to produce than the mass produced teas, which are milled into small particles to give a strong liquor and dark colour, but which lose their character and flavour as a result.


Robert Bell is the great grandson of SD Bell and travels the world in search of new coffees and teas for your breakfast cuppas.

Robert Bell.jpg

The Peartree Girls

From dawn to dusk the Peartree Girls (who all have names) can be seen wandering, scratching and searching for tasty titbits around the garden. Somehow they know their boundary and rarely cross the road!


The flock is a mixture of breeds; Sussex, Bluebell, Cream Legbar, Maran and Splash Maran and their lovely eggs are a range of colours including chestnut brown, brown, white, blue and olive. Freshly laid every day, their gifts to you have golden yolks and fry, scramble, poach or boil just beautifully.

Our granddaughter, Alexandra, when a toddler and helping Papa collect the eggs from under the hens thought that because they were warm they were already cooked!


Some years we breed our own new hens to increase the flock for the following season so keep your eyes peeled for little chicks. Suzie Sussex is the best broody hen and fierce, so beware.


Jill and David


Jill and David Crawford live beside Strangford Lough at Portaferry. In 2011, they started baking granola in their kitchen at home, and selling it on a market stall.

It became such a hit with family, friends and the locals that they moved production out of the kitchen and into a barn area.


Jill and David insist on producing granola with that homemade quality, so ingredients which include apples and oats from County Armagh, are still mixed by hand.


Just Live Gluten Free Triple Nut Granola is a top quality free from product.

Just live Jill & David.PNG


Located on the Ards peninsula just across the Lough from Peartree Hill, Corries is a family run business. Willie Corrie came to County Down from the family farm in Ballybay, County Monaghan, in 1949.

The present Will Corrie says he was a young man working on the farm with his father, when a neighbour in 1974 asked his grandfather could he have one of our beef animals slaughtered so she could buy half a side of beef and his father had to find another customer to buy the other side of beef before he could go ahead with the suggestion. He found one and that was the very first time the Corries moved into the world of meat retailing.

They now have a large number of animals across 1200 acres with quality and the provenance of meat production paramount to their business. They have also invested in a new dry-aged meat storeroom.

Just 1 mile down the road, the very pleasant Lee, personally makes Peartree Hill sausages to our recipe with a dash of extra pepper for your breakfast.

lee Corries Meats.jpg

The Waldron Family


The Waldron family do not believe in taking any short cuts as they slow cure their meats on site, unlike mass produced products which are cured in transit. They are passionate about their Black and White Puddings which are

multi-award winning products, The Waldron recipes give you a crunchy textured taste that would make a meal in itself.

The puddings are the only part of your breakfast which come from the South of Ireland but are well worth the journey.

Waldron Family].jpg

Roy's Bakery

Ian’s day starts at 2am in the bakery when you’re tucked up comfy in bed. His father baked before him and they took over the bakery in 1999.

The traditional Irish Soda Farl is made with soda flour and buttermilk, is lightly risen and has a unique taste.

The word farl originates from the Gaelic word fardel meaning four parts. The potato farl is also a griddle bread and can be made with leftover mashed potatoes.

 Soda and potato bread are traditionally larger and trianglular but Ian specifically shapes ours into rounds for a light taster for your fry. 

Ian - Roy's bakery.jpg

Ian @ Peartree Hill


Ian is developing a new piece of land to the rear of the house growing vegetables, fruit trees and soft fruits and he is kept company by the hens as they scratch around for worms and treats (sometimes they do stray into his vegetable beds or polytunnel, but please don't tell him).

Tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, apples, grapes, plums, herbs and edible flowers when in season, will be Ian's offerings for breakfast. Be assured no carbon footprint with Ian’s produce ...only wellie boot prints! 50 paces and your tomatoes have arrived.


Ian’s father was a keen gardener growing tomatoes and a vine in his greenhouse. To continue the tradition one of our son’s gave Ian the gift of a vine...along with a bottle of the wine the grapes can produce! No bottles laid down as yet as we keep eating them.


You will see a couple of beehives too but unfortunately the bees swarmed and Ian has decided not to restock the hives until he retires.

Ian & tomato plants.jpg

Irish Black Butter Co.


Alistair was inspired by the enthusiasm and drive of local producers taking great local produce to home and overseas markets which motivated him to create a black butter preserve and launch  ‘a new taste of Ireland’ which is Irish Black Butter.


It is an old traditional recipe which has been in use here on the island of Ireland in medieval times. "In essence we took something very old and traditional and  brought it into the twenty first century.” 

Using Armagh Bramley Apples gives Irish Black Butter a core steeped in locality, quality and provenance.  The Armagh Bramley has a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years and Armagh has long been recognised as the ‘orchard county’ of Ireland.


The Irish Black Butter has a delicious flavour, a rich warm aroma with  a firm texture. It is dark and rich can be used in a variety of ways. It makes an ideal accompaniment for cheese and cold meats, for use as a glaze on  ham, a spread on toast, soda farls or with scones and cream. We think it is the perfect accompianment for your Peartree sausage.

Black Butter.webp

Suzie and Heather's offering for your plate

How do you like your's?

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